3 Ways to Effortlessly Build a Certain Mood for Your Room

Owning a home is about having a comfortable feeling about it. Therefore, doing some efforts to create a certain mood for your home will be necessary. One of the best ways to make it happens is by picking the right colors for your house that can enliven different mood for different room. If you have no idea about what kind of colors that you can use to bring up a certain mood, you can learn from some ways below.

Calm Mood

To make a calm mood for your room, you can apply soft or neutrals colors on your wall, ceiling or furniture. If you decide to paint it, we suggest you to paint it with air spray gun or you can use soft or neutrals color for your wallpaper. Moreover, you can also use any pattern or print in a neutral or soft color. Our favorites are the chevron and quatrefoil patterns. For furniture, you can choose subtle curves in furniture to accent the straight lines of the walls and floors. Another way to add a calming effect is by using flowers on your room and our best recommendation is white hydrangeas or chamomiles.

Lively Mood

People that like to have enthusiastic spirit will surely want a lively room. In order to create a lively room, a bold and strong color will become a nice choice for your room. In fact, any pattern or print will work in a bold color. Choose straight lines to complement the lines of the walls and floors and the use of minimal curves is also good. Moreover, you can choose to have artwork that has contrasting colors to place on the walls or colored furniture to add pops of color to the room.

Creative Mood

For creative people, having a room color that can enlighten their ideas is something that they will surely need. Therefore, mix and match bright, bold patterns and solids to achieve an eclectic feel will be a good idea. You can also try combining sharp angles and soft curves. Moreover, using unique furniture and decorations such as throw pillows, lamps, funky frames and chic furniture can add the creative mood for your room.


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