Top Five Interior Design Styles: which One Describes Yours?

A good house is a house that can reflect its owner characteristic. Therefore, you need to know some of the interior design that can depict the real you. Here are some of them.


A modern interior design style is usually applied in clean lined design and minimal use of textures. If you like this kind of interior, you can choose naturals or neutrals colors to make the modern style feels stronger. Besides naturals or neutrals colors make your room looks clearer. To make your paint color looks good on your wall, we suggest you to use a good tool when painting, our best recommendation is by using airless spray gun.

Furthermore, the modern design is also very well suited for small spaces, as it amplifies the illusion of space. To make a modern design you should put attention on simple accessories and decorations and avoid the excessive one. The usage of asymmetrical balance in furniture and layout is also helpful in creating modern design style. If you are a person who likes to live in a simple and smart live, you can choose this kind of style.


Another style is contemporary style, this style will be very suitable for people who is very dynamic as the design points on a constantly changing design and furniture. Therefore, it can be quite eclectic for this reason; contemporary style isn’t tied down to one specific style. It’s of the moment and borrows bits and pieces from a variety of styles and eras.

Traditional/ Classic

For those who like an old-style or homey design, a traditional style can be one of a good choice for your house. It reflects consistency, order, and attention to detail, therefore furniture pieces and accents should be placed in pairs and coordinates. For getting the best feeling from traditional style, you can choose soft, curve, or elegant furniture and decorations. Floral patterns can also good to be applied for this theme.


People who like open space can try applying industrial/urban style. This style often uses industrial materials such as metals, brick, or rough wood and exposes structural materials used as a feature. Moreover, it is often seen in converted lofts or buildings that were originally industrial premises. Therefore, open floor plans are common in industrial style homes. Decorations that can be added on this style is unique non-functional objects used as features, such as ladders.


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