5 Mistakes that You Should Avoid When Paint Your House

People usually think that choose the right color for painting their home is simple, but the fact is after painting their home many people for several reasons feel disappointed with their choices. This is may be because they do not use a proper paint tool for coloring their houses, therefore, we suggest you to use airless sprayer, as it can produce you with the best painting result rather than paint brush or roller paint. However, there are five other mistakes which are usually happened and worth to be learned for as this is not only about paint tools but it is also because of the wrong decisions and the lack of knowledge about home painting. Here are 5 mistakes of home painting that you should know.

  • Picking Your Paint Color First

Sometimes people become too impatient about buying paints, they even prepare some gallons of paints before their interior is even finished. This is why many people often make mistake because they do not think that their wall color should be harmonious with color of other things inside their house, such as all of the fabrics and other elements in the space area. Oppositely, if you pick the paint color first, you can really pin yourself in a corner as far as finding the right things to match.

  • Picking a Color That’s Too Bright or Saturated

I’m pretty sure that all of we like to try trendy color. However, bear in mind for not picking up the color which is too bright, as for example a bright cobalt blue which might be trendy, but to use it as wall paint may be too much since it will be prettier if you use it on ceramic lamp or cushion.

  • Not considering your home as a whole.

Applying transitioning color from one room to another room is tricky yet it is nice too. Therefore, you need to be careful when joining the colors. For instance, you put bright orange with dark blue together, this will make your room looks hideous and your head gets dizzy each time you enter the room.

  • Do not Comprehend that Color will affect your mood

Some people usually prioritize their egos rather than their needs. For example, a person applies red color to his/her bedroom because it is his favorite color. This is not bad but also not good, as bedroom is place where you need to relax while red doesn’t represent it as red will bring energetic and exciting atmosphere.

  • Ignoring Trends

We understand if you want to paint your house with the color that you love as you want it to represent your characteristics, however, considering trends which is also suitable for you is better as you will feel more satisfied with the result.


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