How to Make Your Kitchen Looks like New

Paint-on stainless steel finishes can give your old appliances in the kitchen look more beautiful and sophisticated; moreover, from the view of cost, painting with stainless steel is cheaper rather than buying a new one. No wonder that many people find that their appliances which are out-date but work fines are better to be repainted. Therefore, if you find that your home appliances look old; this technique can also be applied in your home. You also need to consider tools that will be used to repaint your appliances; airless spray is one of the best tools which we recommend as it works quickly and smoothly. If you already have all the requirements then you need to know some things before diving in:

If you decide to paint your kitchen then paint it with Liquid Stainless Steel. Kitchen ranges require special high-temperature stainless steel paint, so if your stove is part of your plan, it’s best to paint all your appliances with Liquid Stainless Steel which is designed for this kind of application.

Oppositely, Rust-Oleum and Krylon stainless steel do not work well for stoves, as to paint a stove you may need other products which are made especially for stove.

For painting small stuffs, such as cabinet hardware, decorative items, and small appliances that don’t generate heat, you can use spray on products, however the usage of spray on products, such as toasters will produce a fairly flat, matter finish.

So, if you already decide to apply stainless steel paint on your kitchen, remember to prime your plastic panels before applying your liquid stainless steel as this will make your paint adhere well. This is extremely important to get a good final result.

Moreover, You may want to cover electronic control panels on white appliances with a dark static-cling film to make them look more consistent with the stainless steel finish. For your information, you don’t need to buy a giant roll of liquid stainless steel as it is sold in small pieces.


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