How to Clean Your Walls

Keep a house neat and clean is a must, but the most irritate experience is when you spill something on your wall, or when your children paint on your wall. The stains which are made sometimes hard to be cleaned and it will need great endeavor to clean it. You can just repaint it with your airless spray, brush or roller, but it will be tiresome, waste your money and time also. So, a better idea is just by wiping out the dirt or stains.

Actually, there are two types of stains. If the stain is water based, you only need to erase it with a wet cloth. Start cleaning the wall with water. If the stain won’t go, use a soapy sponge and rub it onto the stained wall. For more stubborn stain, apply the soap onto the stain and keep it stays for a while then rub it with sponge. Bear in mind that the more moister the stain applied to the wall the softer the surface of the pain will become, so rub the wall hardly will increase the possibility of paint get peeled.

However, if your stain is oil based then you need to rub it with dishwashing in order to dispel it. The most annoying stain is the one that contains chemical stain which makes it hard to get rid of, as some markers may contain chemical that similar with permanent paint. Therefore, to clean it, you will need the help of other chemical, like comet, an aggressive solvent, apply it on a sponge, then rub it firmly to the stain.

Therefore, before painting, it will be better for you to consider using paint which is easier to clean. Today, all paint manufacturers offer paints that are considered more durable and easy to clean. You just sponge them off as if you were wiping off a countertop.


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