A Simple Design Tips for Your Living Room

Are you bored with the appearance of your living room? Well, don’t worry as you can change your living room look with some simple steps and a little effort, such as change your paint color, and many others, if you agree that your room needs a new color, we suggest you to paint it with an airless spray as it will produce you with a smooth result which you will not regret it. So, follow our simple steps below:

  1. For the first step, a simple but large geometric paint on your wall is a good pattern. A big square (say 4’by 4’ or 3’ by 3’) with a prominence color above your sofa or on the opposite wall increases a visual statement and focal point. A circle boosts gesture to your design.
  2. Place 5-7 small pictures, and paint your picture frames with the original wall color. After that, put and group them insides the square. This will bind the original wall color and produce a cohesive grouping framed by the square. But you can change frames with any collections, such as posters, plates, and etc. that can be hung on the wall.
  3. Synchronize your furniture with your wall paint, such as the color of your biggest piece of furniture, for instance, your sofa. By using a stripe, geometric, or trim pattern will help you create a cohesive element to your design.
  4. Moreover, you can also notify the color of your rug, a big amount of color should be the one that blends with your furniture or your wall’s color.

As addition, you can choose and vary any kind of pattern that you like, but we suggest that you apply your wall and your biggest amount of furniture with floral pattern or other kind of patterns that you prefer the most. Even though these tips are only a guide or example for you, but this article can be a good start for you, if you do not know where to start your work.


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