5 Tips of Simple and Better Spray Painting Can

If you are a painter or you want to start to paint, then considering a better way to spray your painting can be a wise way. In fact, there are many ways that you can use to apply painting smoothly, if you have sufficient amount of money or you build a spray painting business, we suggest you to use airless spray as it is designed to create a smooth result of spray painting from a high quality material. But if you just use it for small painting or rarely use, a spray can may also be a good choice.

  1. Read The Instructions

Before do painting, make sure that you read the instruction as it will inform you about how far to hold the spray can from the object, how long to shake the can before spraying, the proper temperature at application, how long the paint or coating needs to cure and more.

  1. Sweep, Don’t Point

Point and shoot is a wrong technique of spraying. So, sweep the can horizontally and vertically over the object that you want to spray is the best move.

  1. Use a large Dropcloth

Mostly people will use newspaper to cover the floor from the backdrop, however, newspapers are easy to fall apart as you paint. So, we suggest a better material, such as a large plastic or cloth that can support plenty of backdrop without the risk of it fall apart.

  1. Rotate Small Objects

Locate the object you’re painting on a platform, for example on a piece of cardboard or a scrap piece of plywood. After that you’ll be able to turn around the object without touching it. Shoot the object, then rotate the base to shoot it from dissimilar angle.

  1. Start Smooth, Finish Smooth

To make surface looks flawless, smooth, and reflects light, you need to spray coating. Therefore, before painting your material, put a primer after you sand it smoothly.


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