3 Ways for Choosing the Right Spray Tip

After reviewing the right size of sprayer that may suit your need, another part that you should consider about is the size of tip, as this small part will determine your paint result. But, before selecting the right tip for your sprayer you need to find out some other things and these things applies to any kinds of sprayer, whether your sprayer is HVLP or airless spray, this knowledge will fit you perfectly. Please read on for increasing your knowledge of producing better painting result.

  1. Spray Tip Selection

Knowing the right tip is necessary as this will control the amount of material (paint) applied and the area the spray pattern will cover. The types of tip will be categorized from holes sizes and spray pattern width or it can be also determined because of these three factors:

  • Paint/coating
  • Surface being sprayed
  • Sprayer’s ability to support the tip hole size


  1. Spraying Surface

Your spraying surface also plays an important role in determining the right tip that will work best for you or in other words, the width of the area will require you a different tip, for instance spraying a huge wall by using sprayer with small tip will be extremely exhausted. To avoid this condition, let’s find out, the right tip for the right usage.

Small Surface: The best tip for smaller surface is 6 or 8 inches width of spray pattern. This is because narrower widths produce sharper definition and more control to the small surface such as cabinets, fences, and railings.

Large surface: Large surface will demand for larger tip, if you are going to spray ceiling or walls, the best tip you can utilize to cover the area that you want to be painted is 10 to 12 inches.

  1. Remember that Your Sprayer Support the Tip

Each sprayer will have different size of tip that they can support. So, make sure that your tip can fit your sprayer. For example, if you plan to use a 0.15 tip, you should choose sprayer with one tip hole size larger (.017 tip) than your needed size. Moreover, you also need to choose a sprayer based on the coating types you’ll be spraying. This permits for tip wear, which can result in the increment of tip hole size.


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