4 Tips for Choosing the Right Airless Sprayer

Working efficiently is what people are trying to do every day. This statement also applies for painting, so whatever your painting purposes are, whether for your own need or for your works, please make sure you have the right Airless Sprayer as this will help you from working with inconvenient condition in the future. Below are some points that you must consider before purchasing airless sprayer.

  1. Size of Airless Sprayer’s Body

Determining the sprayer size will be important before buying a sprayer since this will help you producing satisfying result. Moreover, you can easily determine your sprayer by estimating your weekly volume. Below guidelines is presented by using common latex paint as an example, so if you want to have thicker coatings you may consult it with your equipment supplier as thicker coatings will demand for different requirements.

airless spray

Furthermore, another thing that you should consider is the length of hose sprayer. This is because your hose should have the right length in order to reach the bottom of the sprayer. However, please notice that the longer hoses will require more pressure and if you’re elevating hoses two or more stories, gravity will add to the equation. So, you better ask for your equipment supplier about your specific needs. For people who use sprayer as part of their daily works, having right sprayer will be an investment fro them as an inappropriate sprayer will result you in more frustration for repairing it again and again.

  1. The Size of Airless Sprayer’s Tips

After finding the right size of sprayer, the next step is to select the best tip for your painting purpose. If you want to spray a wide material, you can choose a wider tip. In fact, tip sizes consist of three numbers, as an example, in a 517 tip, the first digit (5) is multiplied by two for the approximate fan width (10-inches to 12-inches). The second two digits (17) are the size of the orifice in thousandths (.017), representing the flow rate, i.e. how many gallons per minute will pass through the tip. As an addition, spraying medium weight coatings such as latex, stains, and lacquers will be best used with smaller tips, while for having heavier coatings, such as primers and block fillers you can apply them by using larger tips.

  1. Number of Guns

The number of sprayer guns will depend on what kind of work that you handle. If your projects are small or medium size residential jobs, using one sprayer gun will be adequate. However, if you conduct a larger residential business, commercial or industrial jobs, you will need more crews to paint a single coatings can, and/or off the same machine. This will demand multiple guns and larger sprayers. Therefore, you need to make sure that the number of sprayers that you purchase will fit the amount of crews.

  1. Power Sources

There are many options that are available for Airless Sprayer’s power sources, such as gas, electric, or pneumatic models. Besides, currently, there are some sprayers that can offer you an option to convert electric to gas, or vice versa. Therefore, determining the right power sources will help your work, for example you work area is near with fire, you surely will avoid gas as your airless sprayer’s sources right?

That is why choosing what best for your work wisely will reduce the risk of having problem in the future.


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