5 Steps on How to Thin Paint by 10 Percent

An airless spray gun will produce a finer mist as a professional coverage. That is why we need to thin it before loading it into a spray gun, as this will impact on the result. Moreover, if your specific spray gun requires 10-percent dilution, you must mix the right substance into your paint for optimal spraying result. This will make some guides are required to thin the paint, as the way to thin it cannot be done carelessly, find out the steps by reading the article below.

  • Firstly, Get a bucket and place your paint into the bucket. To mix the paint easier, you need to thin it in a bucket rather than adding the thinning agents directly into a paint sprayer. If you want to utilize the whole gallon, just drop it all. However, if you desire for having smaller quantities, you can use liquid measuring cups for determining quantities accurately with.
  • Determine 10 percent of your total paint volume. You can move the decimal one place to the left to find 10 percent of any measurement. Moreover, you need to consider one gallon of paint, if you want to do the math by hand. For the measurement, one gallon of paint equals 128 liquid ounces. For getting 10 percent, multiply 1/10 by 128. Then you will get 12.8 liquid ounces as a result.
  • If you are using an oil-based paint type, you can compare to measure and add Penetrol. However, if you’re using latex paint you may need to add calculated Floetrol quantities. In fact, you will need to measure out 12.8 liquid ounces of Penetrol or Floetrol for one gallon of paint. Moreover, consider water based type, such as, Latex paint, so distilled water also works if you’re not concerned with glossy surface adhesion. In addition, a slick surface may request Floetrol while watered down latex paint may not as it works fine.
  • To make the paint looks more smooth and dilution; someone may need to stir the paint gently for at least 10 minutes with a stir stick. Remember for not stirring it vigorously to avoid the bubbles which can be created in the paint.
  • Eventually, use the manufacturer’s instructions to load your spray gun with paint and the sprayer is ready to use.

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