What Is an Airless Paint Gun?

If you usually use, roller or brush for painting, maybe it is time to change your painting tool, as airless paint gun can be used to replace other painting tools. In fact, airless paint gun can be very useful for painting your wall, as this tool can finish your work efficiently and quickly. Besides, you can apply an even coat paint even better with this tool. If you have some things to be painted, this tool terribly is worth to try. If you’ve never heard about this product before, it is better for you to have a flash definition about airless paint gun from its function, types, parts, and considerations.


Mostly, these tools are used by professional painters for exterior painting of houses and other structures. However, everyone who would like to paint houses can also use this tool.


Airless paint sprayers are separated into two types. The first type occupies a piston pump to create a vacuum to pull out the paint in one end, and then pull it back out through the other end. The second type utilizes a diaphragm pump, which demands for hydraulic fluid in order to cycle the paint through the gun.


Airless paint sprayers are constructed by a gun with a hose and a tip as an addition to the pump. To control the flow of paint, there is a trigger which sticks in the gun. In addition, guns are available in two- and four- finger models.


Because of there are so many types of sprayer, you need to consider which one is suitable for your need before you decide to buy one. Choose either a two-or four-finger model depended on which one is more convenient for you to hold the gun. Moreover, choose hose that has maximum output rate, designated in pounds per square inch (psi) of your pump. For getting the right tip, you can refer to the packaging on the paint to find out which tips work suitable with the paint.


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