The Differences between Airless & Air Sprayers

Today, there a lot of fun ways for painting a wall or painting other kind of stuff, but the most desirable tool for painting is mostly sprayer, as it offers you with great result and efficiency. In fact, there are two biggest major in choosing sprayer, whether it is air or airless sprayer gun. Both of them can offer you with different advantages which can be suited with your own condition. For this purpose, we raise this topic for helping you to choose the right tool from several different perspectives for your current work.


Primarily airless and air sprayers are different, as air sprayers have to be connected to an air supply, which usually means a bulky, expensive air compressor. This makes air sprayer is less portable than airless sprayer. Since, this connection makes you have to carry your air compressor also or lengths of high-pressure air hoses while airless sprayers utilize pressured streams of paint or stain which allow it for not depending on air flow to push the material comes out from the sprayer. This is why airless sprayer can be used portable. Besides, currently there are some models that provided with pump directly from the can that makes them more movable that a typical air sprayer, but negatively some airless models can produce a bit of a messy result as it actually pump from a container of paint attached to the sprayer itself, resulting in the sprayer to anywhere.


Commonly, air sprayer will be cheaper than regular airless sprayers. As for air sprayer, the price range from S20 to $100 which is relatively cheap when it is compared to an air compressor and the necessary hoses while airless sprayer can run from $200 to $1000 which is far expensive if compared with its counterparts. But as many people say that quality comes with the price, air sprayers may cheaper but need a longer time to run and can show paint finish flaws, while airless sprayers are expensive but provide quality result.


In any paint or staining project, cleanup is a significant factor. Fortunately, paint with sprayer, both air or airless sprayer is the safest way to avoid your body and hand get drench by paint, compared with rolling or hand-brushing. Moreover, both can eliminate a lot of the waste and mess from drips and over-spray, as they can pump from either cans of paint from cartridges.


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