How to Use a Paint Sprayer Connected to an Air Compressor

Painting with air-powered sprayer is preferable as it saves time and produces a smooth finishing. For those who like to achieve the best results, you must choose the right tool for each different purpose. If you want to paint a large material, an airless sprayer will be suitable; however, if your material is quite detail and small, a HVLP sprayer is the best choice. If you already know the right tools, then you need to know how to use it. Below are the steps.

  • Cover the area that you do not want to get painted with cloth, newspaper, or plastic, as the usage of air-powered sprayer will cause some paint spray into unwanted areas.
  • Connect the spray gun to the compressor hose, before using the air compressor. Wait for several times for allowing time for the air pressure to manufacture.
  • For the first spray, test it on a piece of wood or paper. This is intended for gauging the pressure and the pattern. If it is necessary, proper the adjustment of your spray gun will be needed. Moreover, if you feel confused on doing the adjustment, you can read the owner’s manual. To narrow the spray pattern, you can turn the knob clockwise, while to widen the spray, turn the counterclockwise.
  • Then, hold the spray gun firmly and keep the distance of sprayer approximately 12 inches from the material that you wish to be painted.
  • When you are ready to spray the paint directly onto the surface, spray it smoothly, side-to-side motion. For having a good paint result, you should cover approximately 3 inches per second.
  • Keep the spray gun straight at all times and do not swing your arm when you make the passes.
  • To finish your work, you need to continue spraying in overlapping passes. Remember to retain the spray gun distance from the painted material. Furthermore, do not leave the spray gun unused for more than 15 minutes, as it will freeze.

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