5 Steps to Clean Paint Sprayer

Paint your wall with sprayer, whether it is air spray gun or airless spray gun is interesting, as it is easy and quick rather than using brush painting which takes quite a long time in its appliance. No wonder that spray painter is preferable rather than brush painter. However, the difficultness comes from the way we clean the sprayer after utilizing. As the sprayer has a lot of details in its bottle, so clean it will be an endeavor. Below are some helpful tips to clean the tools if you decide to paint with sprayer.

  1. After painting, immediately clean your sprayer. Then replace the paint container with a warm water sprays this warm water through the gun, adding fresh water as necessary, until the spray coming out of your sprayer is clear. Remember not to use the same water twice.
  1. Put a bit dish soap to the warm water and run a full cycle of warm, soapy water through the sprayer, by that making certain that the sprayer will make all water come out and clean.
  1. Separate each part of sprayer and drench all parts in warm and soapy water. Clean each part gently with your hands to loosen and remove the sticking paint.
  1. Set all parts of the sprayer and rinse the system with run plain warm water if the gun will not be stored, but will be used again regularly. If you rarely use your sprayer and plan to keep it in quite a long time, you may need a paint thinner (never lacquer thinner) through the sprayer to remove any water which could freeze during winter.
  1. Do not forget to soak any filters in warm soapy water and rub the parts gently with your finger to remove all dirt. Remove the dirt as clean as possible. If you cannot reach the narrow or difficult part of the sprayer, you can use cotton bud to reach that area. In the end, rinse filters with running warm water to clean the soap. Finally, dry the sprayer by rubbing it with towel or letting them dry by themselves.

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