7 Steps to Paint a Car with an Electric Spray Painter

Do you want to make your car looks terrific? Maybe paint your car is one of the ways. Currently, there are many ways to paint your car, one of them is painting by using Electric Spray painter. Electric spray painter is the most common one to be used, as it is the most convenient one. Below article will provide you with the information about painting your car with electric spray painter. If you want to know about paint your car with an airless spray gun, you can visit this page.

  • Clean and wash the car. Washing your car is intended for removing all dirt and grease, as dirt and grease will reduce the effectiveness of your paint job from sticking.
  • Overlay heavy paper or plastic to cover the parts of the car that you do not want to get painted. Brown craft paper like the one we used for wrapping packages works effectively. Do not forget to use tape around the paper for securing the unpainted area, such as windows, grills, door handles, lights, tires and trim.
  • Sandpaper will also be needed to buff down rough spots like rust. The size that can be used normally range from 50 to 60 grits. Do it with a circular motion to create smoother spot which is level with the area around it.
  • If there are holes or dents area in your car, a putty knife may be needed to smooth over the surface, fill in holes and dents with putty. Let the putty dry and smooth down with sandpaper until the area looks good with the rest part of your car.
  • Before completely paint your car with electric sprayer painter, it is better to use primer to cover the surface. You can paint the primer with a paintbrush.
  • After letting the prime dries. You can start surrounding the vehicle with thin coats of paint by holding the nozzle of the electric spray painter. Keep the distance of sprayer for about a foot from the car and spray in light and even strokes. For get the color that you want, you can simply add enough coats on it.
  • Finish it with applying clear coat. Clear coat comes in spray paint cans and can be applied by the same way as you apply the paint. Use 1 or 2 cans of clear coats to emphasize a nice glossy effect on your car surface.

As spraying the paint may not good for your health when it enters your perspiration as you are working, it is better to equip a masker to prevent breathing the paint.


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