Where to Invest in US Housing in 2015

If you are an investor who looks for property investment or a professional interested in purchasing a first home, there are plenty of places in US where housing should be a pretty safe bet. One of the keys is to buy in cities with strong job growth that people are moving to, so that the stock of potential tenants for would be landlords is abundant. Forbes magazine teamed up with US Local Market Monitor, a North Carolina-based data company which tracks home prices and economic factors in more than 300 housing markets, collect data to find 2015’s Best Buy Cities and list the top 20 housing markets to invest in this year.

Local Market Monitor screens the 105 largest Metropolitan Statistical Areas with population of at least 550.000, generally includes a core city and its surrounding suburbs. Characterization of best buy cities is strong population and jobs growth, and relatively low home prices, so the cities which are listed by Forbes are places where opportunities are increasing and so are their populations. The strongest population growth will promise a better steady supply of renters. So, here is the list.


Texas is the state with the most Best Buy Cities-five, or 25% of the list.


Average home prices are highest in Austin is at $ 261,923.


Orlando is also listed for best property investment place, where home prices average $187,568.

North Port

North Port homes average is $ 223,523

Fort Worth

The lowest average home price is hold by Fort Worth, with average price is at $180,312.

Moreover, other cities which are also good for property considerations are Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, West Palm Beach, Jacksonville, Minneapolis, Atlanta, Sacramento, and Grand Rapids. Those countries are large, and there are lots of people live there, so the possibility to get renters is bigger. That is why those places are where property investors are looking for as regular investors like some predictability and stability.


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