Choosing an Air Spray Gun for Car Auto Paint

Want to create something fun with your car? If you are good in art, painting your car with an air spray gun can be interesting, but if you are not good at it, you may ask for a professional to do it. However, if you are quite confident to do it by yourself, please read below article to prevent the confusing that may occur when you paint your car with an air spray gun.

  1. First, decide how many cars you are planning to paint. As it will determine what kind of air spray gun that you want to use, the type will impact on the price range. For Instance, Adequate spray guns for auto paint can cost little as $100, and professional spray guns for auto paint may cost more than $500.
  1. It is better to choose an HVLP (high volume low pressure) spray gun for auto paint. HVLP is created to be more efficient and less dangerous for our health and environment and it is a newer technology for auto paint. Moreover, if you are still new with spray gun, then HVLP spray guns are preferable for auto paint. Some states even issue some regulations that forbid the use of any other kind of spray gun for auto paint.
  1. There are many options for HVLP spray guns that you can choose for auto paint. First, there are gravity-feed and siphon feed, that need to be choose. The difference is gravity feed spray guns for auto paint keep their paint supply above the nozzle while Siphon-feed spray guns keep their paint supply beneath the nozzle. Between them, Gravity –feed spray guns is more desirable, because this type can use almost all the paint and never left many of it in the bottom of the container. Moreover, the design makes it easier to be noticed when the sprayer runs out of paint and this type is also easier to be used in tight spaces.
  1. After choosing between Gravity of Siphon feed spray, another choice that needs to be made is tip size. A single tip spray gun is less expensive than the larger one, so if you are on a budget, choose a single tip is wiser than a larger tip. Tips range from about 1.3 millimeters to 2.0 millimeters. The heavier the paint, the larger the tip may be needed. This information is important when you plan to apply primer (heavy), then color (lighter) and finally a clear coat (lightest). If you want a very high-quality finish, you can apply a clear coat. To spring for a spray gun with interchangeable tips which includes a 1.2 millimeters tip for applying the clear coat that make the cost of paint.
  1. The last one is to decide an air compressor specs for your spray gun. Choose a spray gun that does not require for excessive CFM (cubic feet per minute) or psi (air pressure in pounds per square inch), so you won’t need to buy a world-class air compressor just to keep it work well.

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