Review of Electric Airless Sprayers Types (Advantages VS Disadvantages)

Airless Spray have varieties of types. As you may encounter different requirements and problems on different jobs, this is handy to know which one may be more suitable. This article reviews the Electric Airless Sprayers pumps as it has three different types for it. Electric Airless Sprayers can be operated from three different power sources: electric motor, gas engine, or compressed air. In all electric and gas sprayers, the motor or engine creates a rotating motion or engine creates a rotating motion that is transferred to the drive source of the fluid pump. There are three types of motor available on airless sprayers: AC, DC and Universal. Below chart gives comparisons about the advantages and disadvantages of each type of motor. Hoping that by knowing this information, you will get the proper equipment for your need. Here are the reviews.

Motors Advantages Disadvantages
Universal Reasonable price is the big advantage of universal motors-This type is cheaper to manufacture rather than AC or DC motors. It has the shortest life expectancy because they run at 10,000-20,000 RPM (3-5 times faster than AC or DC motors).
AC It has a long life motor when used in under controlled circumstances. Need constant, continuous power supply to perform properly. Moreover, Long extension cords and generators often cause overheating which could permanently damage the motor.
DC It is good in power fluctuations because it can run at variable speeds, besides it allows the user to run longer extension cords (up to 300 feet) and generators. DC motors are heavier and  more expensive
Brushless DC This is the most long life motor on par with its counterparts and. The power of fluctuations can run at variable speeds.   Furthermore, Brushless DC motors are smaller, lighter, more efficient, and require less maintenance over time than DC motor and allows the use of longer extension cords (up to 300 feet) and generators. As it provides with lots of benefits, some should realize that quality has its price. This makes Brushless DC becomes the most expensive motor compared to AC or DC motors and a heavier motor than an AC.

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