Where to Invest and Not to Invest Your Money in Australian Property

Finding the right investment is not only about finding the right building, but also about finding the right location. In fact, there are some territories that someone should consider before investing their money since the areas may not suitable for property investment. However, finding the right place for investment is not as easy as pie. As it is said by Terry Ryder, a property analyst, making a good property investment is not as simple as picking a spot where the population is booming. He has also released a report on areas which should be avoided at or treated with caution. The areas which he has appointed at are mostly in Queensland and Western Australia.

Moreover, Mr. Terry said that a number of inner city markets are also on the list. He said in the report that Brisbane, Melbourne and Perth inner city markets should be avoided, as inner city apartments showed crucial danger right throughout Australia, with Boom and Bust predictions. This is because oversupply makes rents fall and drags down property values. A good strategy for investors is to simply avoid CBD (central business district) unit markets together. Avoiding CBD as your area for investment protects you from one of the single biggest dangers currently in property investment . Besides, there are much better and cheaper places to buy, all outside of CBD areas, such as West Wollongong, Redfern, Sydney, Brompton, Wayville, Clontarf, and Dromana which are listed as Australia’s best growth suburbs.

For more details for places to be avoided, here are some areas which Terry has listed to be kept away from:

  • Brisbane, Inner city
  • Emerald, Qld
  • Gladstone, Qld
  • Hunter Region, NSW
  • Mackay, Qld
  • Melbourne, Inner city
  • Moranbah, Qld
  • Newman, WA
  • Perth, Inner city
  • Port Hedland, WA

Always keep up your research in regards to investment areas, as it is crucial when you are making decisions for your next property investment.  We don’t have to repeat it, but the right place will offer better investment results and that’s where you want to be.


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