Expenses that Need to be Considered when Buying Property in Australia

When buying a house, people should realize that expenses that may be cost of buying a house is not merely limited on paying your home to a house holder, but there are others incidentals that may be part in this process. These expenses need to be considered since it may be much more than you expect. Moreover, this information may be needed for describing the exact expenses that should be prepared when someone wants to buy a property in Australia, both for living or for property investment. This helps people preparing their calculations before collecting their money to buy a property. Here are others expenses that need to be considered when someone wants to buy a property in Australia.

  • Government Charges

As buying or building a house plays a leading part to stimulate and indicate the economic stability, Government charges can vary regularly. This impact on the uniformity in real estate agents’ fees, solicitors’ fees, government fees for managing the registration of property sales or stamp (transaction) duty on the process of purchasing.

There are two government institutions that can influence the house buying process, either directly or indirectly. They are federal government and state government. The federal government will not charge any money in dealing process, they just set the value of a property when eligibility for social benefits or pensions are concerned and consider an incentive to buyers in order to stimulate the market when there is economic crisis.

Therefore, when buying a land or a house, people should consider the Goods and services tax (GST), as this tax may relevant on the sale of land and on the sale of new houses, and in dealing process one should state clearly whether the GST is applicable and included in the selling price. According to federal government tax, in normal sale of house, GST will not be applied, it will only applicable if there is an investor owns a few properties and decides to sell them. The value that will be applied is likely 10% from the purchase price. Currently, there are many online calculators that can be used to calculate a more detail rates for your state.

After federal government, come the state governments charges who gather a fair portion of their income from properties through stamp duty and transaction duty in property changes hands. The charges may vary, starting from 2% to 5%, it depends upon the value of a property and economic climate. Moreover, there is annual basis that should be paid issued by state government if a person has multiple properties. The good news is, there are various cash grants for new home buyers. This is issued by the state governments to stimulate the hosing economy, so it is good to go and check your state for any cash grants offer available to you.

  • Local Council Charges

There are also levy charges on your property whenever the property is built but the law may be different depending on its location. If vacant land is purchased, you will require a permit for which a change is made, such as access of roads, water, sewerage and power when the charges can raise sharply this is one of the reasons for high land prices. So, it could be advantageous, if someone decided to buy the land first and then separately building home.

  • Real Estate Agencies

Please note that purchaser will not need to give any fees to real estate agencies as real estate agents fees will be directed towards the vendor.

  • Legal Fees for Conveyancing.

Conveyancing is the action for transferring the property from vendor to purchaser which is handled by a solicitor who is a member of the law society. Whether in some states there are certain conveyers are registered who are not solicitors, this kind of conveyancing may charge you a slightly lower charge than a full service lawyer and is highly recommended. There are no set costs for conveyancing in most states and so there are variations. On top of these, the purchaser will also bear the costs for ‘outgoings’ and incidentals etc’ which might cover property searches, correspondence, photo-copying, stamping, and can add hundreds or so to the bill.




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