Conventional Air Spray VS HVLP Air Spray

Knowing what you need in an air gun sprayer is a good thing before you decide to buy one since there are so many types of air gun sprayers, and each of types is designed for a specific purpose. Knowing what you need will help prevent you buying something that is not suitable to be used in your style of work. Airless Spray Gun has two general types of options. In general, it is divided into HPLV or Conventional air sprayer gun and HVLP air sprayer gun. Here is a review of the differences between HPLV and HVLP air sprayer gun.

HPLV / conventional air less spray gun

HPLV stands for High Pressure Low Volume, it is the conventional type.

  • It produces a wider wet pattern spray from a greater distance, for theoretical increased speed of application.
  • Typically, gun on gun comparisons will show a slightly reduced air requirement for conventional guns. This is because of the reduction valve in an HVLP reduces the inlet air to the air cap air.
  • In price range, a conventional or HPLV one is usually a bit expensive than HVLP.
  • HPLV also requires less CFM, therefore reducing the size of compressor required.

HVLP air less spray gun

HVLP stands for High Volume Low Pressure. It is the inverse of Conventional or HPLV one.

  • It produces a softer spray pattern.
  • Less bounce back when they operate, as it is low pressure.
  • The HVLP spray greatly reduces both the perceived and real overspray effect which cause material waste as in conventional gun.

In contrast, the same 45 psi supplied to the HLVP gun will result in no more than 10 psi exiting the air crap. This reduced air pressure is the mechanism by which material waste is reduced and transfer efficiency increased.


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