Salt Measurement with Elcometer

One of the utilities that you can use to test the measure of soluble salts level on surfaces is the Elcometer 130 Salt Contamination meter. This product is designed to excel all previous products, such as Bresle, since Elcometer works 5 times faster than Bresle in equivalent test methods. Elcometer is designed to be used on site or in the laboratory; and it can perform 24 tests per hour. So, in this article we would like to review the advantages of the Elcometer 130 Salt Contamination Meter compared to other brands. Please note that the advantages that you find may not be exactly the same, since different brands will offer different advantages, so this article only reviews the general things that an Elcometer might have. So, we hope this article can help you to find what you need in salt measurement and if you are interested in another product review besides salt measurement, you can also check our reviews about airless spray products.


  • Fast reading rate allows multiple tests to be completed efficiently
  • Pressure Plate assures a constant and uniform pressure to paper
  • Automatic detection of paper size and automatic adjustment of reading value
  • USB and Bluetooth data output to Elcometer master software
  • Dust and water resistant rugged design equivalent to IP64
  • Automatic temperature compensation ensures accurate result
  • Fully portable hand-held, ergonomic design ideal for use in the field

User Friendly

  • Easy to use menus in multiple languages
  • High reading limit indicator
  • Factory calibrated for immediate use


  • Conductivity measurements to +- 1%
  • Can be used in accordance with national and international standards


  • Measuring range up to 50/cm (3000ppm)
  • USD and Bluetooth data output
  • Stores up to 15,000 readings in 2500 batches
  • Soluble salt and conductivity in one gauge.

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