Practical Guides For Moving, Both Within The Country And Abroad

Moving can be a stressful experience and expensive plan more than what you can think of.  Excessive, hidden cost ,  unexpected   involvement can take place. Overall moving abroad needs more preparation and organisation than a move within the country.

Decide where you are moving, when and how  you will need to think carefully about where to move. Research your possible destinations, and you will definitely find it easier to decide.

Utilities cancelled and Address Changes

As you will change address, remember to cancel your old utility services, start new utility services. Ensure to end the services the day following your move-out. On the same note, you may wish to schedule set-up of your utilities at your new residence the day before you arrive to be sure everything will be working when you arrive. Common utility companies to contact are related to Electric,  Gas,Water,Phone, Cable, Garbage.  Also, if you are moving into a subdivision or condominium complex that has a private trash collecting service, you may be charged for the pick-up of your moving boxes. Also don’t forget to change your address with your: Bank, Credit Cards, Utility Companies, Insurance Companies.

  • Transport for moving

Do a couple of research in advance to get comparison of best prices of moving transport rentals. Be careful to investigate how the company charges for mileage and  hidden charges that you may not be aware of. Check out website if there are special promotions or discounts. Do call your insurance agent before you reserve any truck to determine if your homeowner’s insurance will cover any damage to your furniture and if your auto insurance will cover the truck.

  • Local Laws Norms adjustment

About the local lifestyle, language and norms. Daily life may be stressful at first, so any preparation can help you to adjust more quickly. Try to learn the language of your new county , take particular care not to offend local laws and norms, and try to be friendly and patient. Hence your moving process will be smoothier.

  •  Moving Abroad

Plan the date when you are moving abroad,  prepare for the move days earlier to get things ready mentally and physically and all .And arrange the Cultural awareness  As you may  have already gathered some information about your new country. Prepare to look into visa procedures, work permit.

  • Health

Unlike  moving within your country, things like to consider to protect your healthcare needs. Most importantly, find out about your welfare rights abroad, about the healthcare system and costs, and local lifestyle, local food  in your new country.

  • Education for Children

Educational systems are most likely different, therefore you need to take a look at the regular curriculum of each school that your kids can potentially go to. If possible, have your kids start their studies at the beginning of the school year or semester so that they ample opportunity to make more friends and they won’t have a hard time adjusting to a new curriculum or with catching up with their classmates.

  • Culture Shock anticipation

Prepare your whole family members for some culture shock. Your family will definitely react badly to the change in their lifestyle.  To minimize this, relocation consultants recommend that you involve them in the whole moving idea. This will increase their buy-in to the move and prepare them for the differences that they will experience. Advisable skills on local language will have a positive impact on your relocation experience as being able to speak, or at least understand the lingo.


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